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Primo Garden - Support Local

This evening I arrived in Orlando to attend the Florida Sterling conference as we look to build on our current foundation of care delivery, consistency and high reliability. For dinner, I joined Nancy and Chris, a couple of my colleagues. We enjoyed the restaurant and spoke to one of their pasty supervisors who we saw pulling vegetables from their garden. I asked how much of their vegetables came from their garden. He quickly shared 70% with 98% for their other restaurant in Maine. The hotel and this restaurant have their own garden. I'm very excited to share we are on a similar journey. I look forward to one day hearing our team and community members sharing how great it is to have fresh vegetables and fruit from the same place they receive care. Makes sense...food is medicine, food is healing. I checked, you can't grow your own pastries!
CAPE PRIDE - May 29, 2013
CAPE PRIDE - May 15, 2013

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