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"Kids Health - 4 Effective Ways to Improve Diet"

Kids Health - 4 Effective Ways to Improve Diet

Childhood can be a quite challenging time when it comes to making the best choices in your kids' nutrition. Not only are kids growing fast and requiring more nutrients, but thanks to the poor quality of most of the commercial foods, not knowing your kids' nutrition, being strapped for cash, and having kids who are picky eaters to deal with, children's nutrition has become an overwhelming topic for most parents. Below are some effective and proven ways to improve your child's nutrition.

Go Back to Nature

• Even though processed foods are more convenient, they tend to contain much more calories as compared to the natural foods.
• Whenever possible, try to stick to foods in their purest forms. Vegetables, fruits, grains and meats should make up the bulk of your kid's diet.
• Save the processed foods and the fast foods for occasional treats. The rule of thumb you should probably use is In case you can't pronounce all the ingredients on the food label, it's better to skip it
• Also, promote the low-fat or fat-free dairy products. Your children need the calcium in the dairy so as to help their bones grown the normal way. However, the normal dairy products are usually unhealthy since they contain saturated fat, which causes heart disease.
• Try and avoid the full-fat dairy products. Rather, give your children fat-free or low-fat cheese, milk and yoghurt. They may not know the difference, but their heart does.

2. Bigger isn't better

• The best thing you can teach your kids is to eat when they feel hungry and stop when they're full.
• Don't push you children to eat more than they actually need, even when you think they haven't eaten enough.
• Bear in mind that all foods, even the healthy kinds can be harmful to your child if taken in excess portions. Make sure you serve your kids appropriate portions of their meals. • At a restaurant, you can share the starters or ask the waiter to pack part of your kid's portion before he or she starts to eat it.

3. Avoid Fried Foods

• Teach your kids that fried foods are unhealthy and try as much as possible to stay away from them.
• While in a restaurant, ask them to bake or grill your food rather than frying it A good way to avoid fried food cravings is to serve a healthier form at home.
• When your children want fried chicken, for instance, you can serve them chicken that has been breaded then baked in an oven with French fries that's made from potatoes that have been baked to a crisp.

4. Avoid High Caloric Drinks

• Many kids lose weight just by giving up the sugary drinks. Parents seriously underestimate the amount of calories and sugar in what their children drink.
• Did you actually know that one bottle of soda contain ten teaspoonful of sugar? You wouldn't give your child that much sugar knowingly, would you?
• And juice isn't all that different. Kids don't need juice for its vitamin C. they can get plenty of vitamin C from other sources. You can replace such drinks with water or even flavored seltzers.

In conclusion, your child's health is very important hence the need to provide them with a healthy diet. Unhealthy diet can cause a lot of health complications in your child's life, and that's the last thing you need. Just make sure you have an EHIC handy in case you need to take your child to the hospital or need to consult a doctor about your child's nutritional needs.

Author: James Anderson


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