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I have the perfect example...

It has been a very good week. We implemented our Bedscapes 7.0 - pictures of local Sanibel beaches ties in with music. The pictures were created by Jenny, one of our employees - they look amazing.  The intention is to help patients relax (it works for families too), relieve anxiety and reduce pain. In the first 2 days, it has been well received. Yosaif August, the creator of Bedscapes, joined us to train staff and provide presentations on Caring for the Caregiver.  We started with our Women's Suites - Birthing Center.

Work has been balanced with my 13 week Leadership Cape Coral (one day/week) where we get to learn about the Cape Coral community and businesses. We had a very educational (pun intended) time learning about our education system followed by a team get together at Bubba's Roadhouse.  First time there...great owner, Jay is in our Leadership.  

On an unrelated topic, I have been hearing people share stories starting with..."I have the perfect example".  After giving that some thought, I would suggest not starting any reference as I have the "perfect"...allow others to provide that adjective for you once they hear your example.

Enjoy your weekend.



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