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Guest Blogger: Jessica Lindsey

Good afternoon Cape Coral Employees, Physicians, Volunteers and Auxilians…

Hello My name is Jessica Lindsey:

I am the Director of Radiology at Health Park Medical Center and so pleased to be here with you tonight, to share in the celebration of commitment to education and this great health system.

Life experiences have an ironic way of molding you; I believe the events in my life have molded me to be a Lee Memorial Health Care Administrator. I was born at Lee Memorial downtown campus to an ER Nurse who has worked for this system for over thirty years. I grew up with a fond appreciation for my Mother’s work ethic and for Lee Memorial Health System.

The organization is our extended family. In sixth grade my algebra tutor was one of my Mother’s co-workers. When my mother was called to come in the middle of the night, I slept on the couch in the Cath Lab break room. I attended all of the company picnics and our cupboards were full of LMHS mugs. Anyone who was here in the 80’s would remember our logo with the bathroom people!

Many of these childhood memories occurred in Health Park; a facility where I now oversee daily operations of the Radiology department. The journey to having my name on the door has been a process of discovery and education. In 2011, I accepted my first leadership role as Manager of the Radiology department. Since this time in addition to leading the Radiology Department I have enjoyed an expanded role helping to facilitate training for; patient safety, patient experience and customer service programs. I was promoted to Director of the department in the summer of 2012. Most recently, I was selected to participate in the Leadership faculty. Through this framework, we have been able to train many system leaders in the core competencies of "Coaching for Results" and "Communicating Intentionally."

I have thoroughly enjoyed my path, I believe the time is now to top off my education with a Masters in Health Care Administration. I love the work we do together and the more I dig in the more I realize it is truly all about the people. I would like to see us continue to be, "caring people caring for people." I believe this degree will ensure I continue to make the best-informed decision for our organization for many years to come.

The financial challenge detours many individuals away from furthering their education. I am blessed enough to have an organization who has stood by me and financed a significant percentage of my schooling. The monetary commitment LMHS made softened both burdens from my Associate and Bachelors degrees. My sincerest thanks for your investment in me thus far; it is not something I take lightly, I know when I walk these halls and travel amongst the community, I am always representing Lee Memorial Health system.

My personal life is on a high I am enjoying my role as a Mom. My husband (also and LMHS employee) and I are focused on providing the best of everything for our daughter. I often wonder as she grows what she is witnessing of the work we do as parents who both work for Lee Memorial. After all, the bathroom people mugs have made their way out of the cupboard, replaced by LMHS tervis tumblers. If the pattern continues, we could be cultivating our next great investment.

Thank you for having me tonight, Congratulations to the students in the room and thank you to those who love and support us.


Scott Kashman, FACHE
Chief Administrative Officer
Cape Coral Hospital 
Blog: www.thehealthcareexperience.org
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